Lint Security is the sole creation of James Lint. In 1966, after graduating from high school, James was employed by Southern Bell in the cable construction department. He was always interested in learning about different trades and crafts and while employed by the Phone Company he was introduced to the early days of the electronics industry.
    This quickly fostered a love for electronics. He soon began subscribing to the magazine Popular Mechanics where he was amazed by the controls and logics portions of the industry. He dabbled in H.A.M Radios, television distribution and even at one time was employed by Gainesville Cable TV as an installer. Not to mention before having his first child he maintained the signal lights on the radio towers at WDUN. All of these avenues he served after hours and on weekends. 

   His willingness to work and not be intimidated by new methods and technologies quickly found him in several capacities for Southern Bell. Being a large corporation they were more than willing to release all resources necessary to train an individual to realize their full potential. Before the end of his tenure with Southern Bell he was introduced to Fiber Optics, Digital Electronics and small circuit analysis.


  He began working with numerous people in the community and shortly after the birth of Jimmy served in the Gainesville Jaycees. While in the club he chaired several different projects like The Empty Stocking Fund and The Northeast Georgia Fair.

 Chairing the Fair took him in a direction he could have never dreamed. While at the Fair Grounds one evening one of his neighbors called to alert him that his home had been burglarized. He of coarse went home to find the front door the neighbor described to be open and personal items missing. With his knowledge of electronics and articles he read in Popular Mechanics he designed his first alarm system.


 This system was made up of a car battery, siren and a couple of switches. The system was barely adequate at best; he knew this and quickly started inquiring about getting ONE to install himself. After several calls to some large distributors and continually getting turned away, because nobody wanted to sell just ONE, he found an individual company owner willing to sell him just ONE system. 


 He quickly came home and with the help of a friend installed the ONE system in his home and immediately felt better about his situation. 


  Word traveled fast and before long, this man wanted ONE, this man wanted ONE for his mother. This guy wanted ONE in his store and the story continues today.  

 Today, Lint Security is one of the larger companies in Northeast Georgia. We service all types of structures from homes, schools, stores, restaurants, plants and the list continues to grow. We work almost totally on referrals. In 30 Years we have never ran an advertisement in the newspaper. We maintain a Yellow Page Listing just to be noted.

We design, install and service all types of systems from Video, Fire, Sound, Security, Door Access, Gate Access, Business Phones, Computer Networks and Home Theatres.

We employ a UL Certified Central Station four different locations to monitor all signals from your system.

We  can log tracking of all users in your system as well as alarm and trouble events.

We are here to serve you.

Everyone wants to sell you a system but we want to add you to our family of customers and build a relationship that you can count on.

Our systems are far superior to the car battery of James Lint’s first. However they are installed according to the same compassion and attention to detail that he placed on protecting his own family then.

So before considering your purchase, be sure to note that the company proposing has your interest at heart and not their own. Check to see that your family and your property is the one they are protecting and not just looking for their next sale.

 If I can be of any assistance or can answer any questions please feel free to contact me.


Jimmy Lint

SMS Integration Expands into Northeast Georgia With Lint Security Buy

SMS picks up nearly 1,000 accounts in the deal and will maintain the Lint Security brand in Gainesville, Ga., with an eye for further expansion.


Franklin, N.C.-based SMS Integration acquired Lint Security of Gainesville, Ga., for undisclosed terms.


FRANKLIN, N.C. — SMS Integration, based here, has expanded its reach into northeast Georgia with the acquisition of Lint Security, a provider of security systems, fire alarms and custom home theater systems.


SMS, formerly Smoky Mountain Systems, is owned and operated by Dom D’Ascoli, a security veteran whose long-time service to the industry includes a two-year term (2010-’11) as president of the Electronic Security Association (ESA).


D’Ascoli tells SSI that he and Lint Security Founder James Lint served together for more than 20 years as board members of the Georgia Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association (GELSSA). Lint’s son, Jim, took over the Gainesville-based family business about two years ago. Earlier this year, the younger Lint approached D’Ascoli — both families and have been business associates and friends for decades — to discuss a potential sale.


“I’ve known Jimmy since he was a little kid. It was a great mesh of companies. They do a lot of things like we do. We put the deal together pretty quickly,” D’Ascoli explains.


SMS acquired nearly 1,000 accounts, roughly a 50/50 mix of residential and commercial clients. Along with the current management team and technicians, the Lint Security brand will be maintained going forward.


“We are going to keep the Lint brand because it is a big name in the [Blue Ridge Mountains],” says D’Ascoli. “They border on the same mountains that we border on. We probably have 500-600 accounts in Georgia. We will start to move those under the Lint name as well.”


Lint Security designs, installs and services security and fire/life-safety systems, including access control, intrusion, video surveillance, along with business phones and computer networks. Founded in 1969, the company’s roster of customers includes schools, retail, restaurants and more.


With its latest acquisition, SMS now operates three offices, including one in Myrtle Beach, S.C., where it purchased Newton Communications Systems in 2015. D’Ascoli tells SSI he is eyeing additional acquisitions to expand the company’s current three-state footprint, and potentially beyond.


“If the right deal came up in Florida, we probably would take advantage of it,” he says. “Watch us in the next couple years. I’m starting to enjoy acquisitions. I am probably going to try and do a lot more of them and eventually try and step out of the day-to-day stuff.”