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Lint Security suggests you ask or consider the following questions.

  • Who installs the system? Employees or Sub-contractors? Our installers are covered under the Companies workers compensation. Sub-contractors are generally responsible for themselves.

  • Is the company bonded and insured? We are Bonded and Insured.

  • Where does the service call originate from? We are on call 24 hours of EVERYDAY. You call me here in Gainesville.

  • What code(s) is followed by for the fire installation? We follow Nation Fire Protection Association 72 for Household Fire and Warning

  • Where will the smoke detectors be located? According to NFPA 72 for household warning. There shall be one outside each sleeping area and one on every level. In new construction there shall also be placed in each sleeping room.

  • Where will the Heat Sensors be placed? Since these are not Life Safety Devices, and only detect heat after there is a fire. they shall only be placed in uncontrolled environment according to NFPA 72. 

  • Are the devices individually zoned? We individually zone as many devices as possible. Usually all doors and motion sensors are separate. Windows are grouped by rooms with no more than 3 per zone. Fire sensors are generally done by floors.

  • How many zones will be supplied? Usually minimum of 16.

  • What type of arming stations? Custom Alpha or LED? We recommend installing Custom Alpha Remotes. These offer the most information for example; 01 Front Door, Power Failure, Low Battery. Not just 01 or a series of lights that require reference to a manual for better understanding.

  • Will there be any motion sensors? Motion sensors are simply a must in any system. They were designed as a back-up in the "if something fails scenario". We place at least one on each level with ground accessibility. If the master is ground accessible then one there also. We use 40lb. pet immune sensors as our standard unit. There is little difference in cost but substantial differences in performance and reliability. We can even install units with up to 100lb. immunity. These eliminate the “I can’t have motions because…”

  • Will Glass Sensors be used? We recommend the use of glass sensors to back-up door & window sensors. I have seen many cases that entry was gained thru breaking a large glass window or kicking a sliding door.

  • Will the alarm system do a weekly test to the Central Station? We offer weekly automatic dialer test as well as monitoring of the phone line to indicate locally of service interruption at the keypads.

  • How many back up batteries? We recommend a minimum of 2. If you are purchasing any fire equipment, it is required to maintain 24 hours back-up. NFPA 72

  • Is electronic service calls covered by your monthly monitoring? Code changes or history reports? We offer code changes history reports under our monitoring plan as well as diagnostic checks and Service Timer messages

  • Will there be surge suppression equipment on the Telephone and Power Supplies? We install surge suppression on both the telephone line and power supply.

  • Will the Control panel be grounded? We ground our control panels to a unified source. Required by NEC 70(National Electrical Code)

  • Will the connections be crimped, soldered or screw terminals? We use door and window contacts with screw terminals. No crimp connectors on security devices.

  • Where will the End-of–line supervision be placed? All though most companies find it easier to put them in the Control panel. We place them at the device or End-of-Line. Hence the name “END OF LINE” !!!

  • Will there be an inside siren or speaker? We offer to install an inside speaker on every job. However on Fire Systems according to NFPA 72 it is required to provide sounding devices to meet 85 db at the pillow.  

  • Will there be a voice or tone siren driver? We recommend a voice driver due to the messages given. Particularly on fire, so you know whether to hide under the covers or get out of the house.

  • What type of wire do you use? Solid or stranded? We use CL2 stranded wire to security devices, 18 gauge Red Fire Wire to smoke and sirens dealing with the Fire system. Category 5 Data cable to the telephone connection is used to keep from hindering with your Internet service.   

  • Will there be any type of water leak sensors? We recommended having a water sensor placed near or inside each of the HVAC systems, Water Heaters or Mechanical Rooms. These sensors are designed to detect a leak before there is a major flood inside the dwelling.

  • What happens if your phone lines are out due to service outage or someone cuts my phone line? For many years now, we have recommended that you install a Radio Back-Up system. In the event of an outage the sirens will still trigger. Let me stress this, “Unless there is a secondary form of communication to the alarm system, there is no way to get a dispatch”. All too many times I have heard that other companies tell that they will be notified without the use of such equipment.

  • Will you be notified if the temperature inside the house drops to damaging levels? In vacation or weekend properties we recommend a temperature sensor in the lower level of the house. This will let us know so you can be notified before major damage is done.

  • If you have gas will there be Carbon Monoxide Sensors, if so how many? CO or Carbon monoxide kills unsuspecting people every year. You and I tend to believe it’s only people who run a grill during a power outage that is a risk. I have personally seen several individuals thank me for “Saving their lives” due to these being installed and having the fire department dispatched. From bad exchangers in Heating systems to bad regulators in Fire Place inserts. If installed NFPA requires one on each level.


These are just some of the items you should ask when determining who you will purchase your security system from. Make sure the sale is not all they are interested in. After all you are establishing a relationship with someone that you are entrusting one of the most valuable things you have… your FAMILY!!


Please feel free to ask these to anyone you may be interviewing for you installation. You may be surprised

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