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Commercial & Residential Security & Fire

Your safety always comes first. We believe in installing quality security systems that are built to last. Our expertise and experience allow us to create top-of-the-line security for your home or business. Plus, you always pay less out of pocket with competitive prices on Lint Security products and services. 

Ask Us about:

  •  Burglar Alarms

  •  Fire Alarms

  •  Smoke Alarms

  •  Automated Gate Control

  •  Water Flow Alarms

  •  Flame Detectors

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We have years of experience that will allow your residence and/or business to be up to date. Today's technology will make your daily activities seamless, without any extra steps to make your life easier.

Residential Burglar Alarms

Protect your home with burglar alarms for residential and commercial use. Our burglar alarms include security systems with iPad™ access or remote keypad monitoring, allowing you to find out what's going on at your property.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Keep your business safe with fire alarm systems for commercial use. Our fire alarm products meet all NFPA 72 compliance regulations. We provide daily test signals to insure that your system is working everyday.

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