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IT services are technology functions that are offered both on-site and remotely. This allows our customers to use information technology without having to managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and flexibility. Our service is a technology that is wrapped in services such as support and management. This liberates your time from the complexity of installing and operating the technology internally. We at Lint Security offer a remote help desk for support and a SLA that defines the quality of the service for all your IT needs. Feel secure with Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Ad-Blocker and Firewall Devices.

Infrastructure - Technology infrastructure such as load balancer's, routers, switches, POE injectors and firewalls. Services that offer support, management tools for configuring and operating the IT infrastructure.

Computing - Computing resources such as a cloud computing platform that includes management of data centers and tools for deploying, scaling and monitoring computing.

Software - Proprietary or distributed applications that are fully operated, managed and supported by Lint Security.

Networks - Network services such as a Wi-Fi service at an office, retail or residential locations that is fully supported and managed by Lint Security.

Data Storage - Storage of files and objects such as a NAS devices, offered by Lint Security.

Data Synchronization - Synchronization of data across devices such as a service that syncs your contacts and photos on your mobile and home devices.

Databases - Storage of data such as a cloud database service.

Content Management - Content management tools that allow you to organize, control and share content and documents.

Content Delivery - Platforms for publishing content such as a content delivery network that automatically distributes your content to multiple data centers to serve users from a data center that is close to them.

Transaction Processing - Platforms that process business transactions such as a payments platform.

Monitoring - Tools for monitoring technologies and business processes.

Information Security - Information security services such as a proxy that blocks suspicious requests to a service.

Office Productivity - Basic productivity tools such as a cloud-based word processor (Office365) or client-based on the desktop (MS Office).

Communications - Communication services such as messaging, email, document sharing and virtual environments.

Workspaces - Environments for productivity such as a virtual desktop environment, Hyper-V, remote desktop protocol, VMWare. Citrix Desktop.

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